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China allows poultry importers to apply for tariff exemptions

March 9, 2020

Chinese importers can now apply  for an exemption from the 30-percent retaliatory tariff imposed on poultry imports from the U.S., enabling the U.S. industry to compete on a level playing field with poultry exports from Brazil and other countries that have not faced the duties. The move has already resulted in increased trade.

China’s State Council Tariff Commission (SCCTC) in February said that in March that it would open a new tariff exclusion process for Chinese companies affected by the retaliatory Section 301-tariffs levied by China.

Poultry was not included in the 696 enumerated tariff lines listed in the announcement by SCCTC. But importers now can apply for a tariff exclusion for U.S. poultry products, including turkey and duck. USAPEEC had learned of the SCCTC’s action in February and shared the news with members then, but it was not made more widely known while the program’s success was being determined. It was made public in a media report by Reuters Thursday which noted that two USAPEEC member companies, Tyson Foods and Sanderson Farms, had experienced a significant uptick in poultry exports to China.

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