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USAPEEC is the only organization that serves the export interests of the U.S. poultry and egg industry, and whose mission is to open new markets and maintain access to current ones.

Whether your company is a poultry or egg processor, a trading company that exports U.S. poultry and eggs, cold storage warehouse, freight forwarder, or another provider of products or services that benefit from increased exports, it should be a member of USAPEEC.

As a USAPEEC member, you will have immediate access to a global information network that provides market intelligence and is an advocate to tear down artificial trade barriers.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to firsthand information from our 14 international offices around the world. Through those offices, USAPEEC conducts promotional activities for U.S. poultry and eggs in more than 75 countries.
  • Continuous support with international trade and marketing issues.
  • Direct input through USAPEEC on free trade agreement negotiations.
  • A clearinghouse of market information, including market research studies.
  • Two member meetings each year where you can meet with other members, as well as government officials responsible for making and enforcing policy and USAPEEC's domestic and international staff.
  • Priority reservations at international food and beverage shows around the world that showcase your products to buyers.
  • An interactive web site that includes trade regulations and barriers for poultry and eggs; an interactive system for distributing trade leads from international buyers; monthly market reports from USAPEEC international staff; lists of importers in various markets; a document archive; and many other fascinating and helpful features. Just one successful trade lead could offset a company's membership dues.
  • Country-specific web sites in multiple languages developed and maintained by USAPEEC's international staff.
  • MondayLine, a weekly newsletter that includes up to date market information and industry events.
  • Member alerts, advisories, and updates that are distributed to members via e-mail as events affecting exports occur.
  • The chance to participate in trade missions to foreign markets and to interact with reverse trade missions to this country.
  • Optional participation in the USAPEEC Trade Policy Task Force, which receives even more in-depth and timely market and policy information.

More than that, USAPEEC acts as the industry's liaison between governments on trade issues, and works to develop uniform industry positions of the industry on matters related to trade.

USAPEEC also coordinates official audits, reviews and inspections of U.S. plants by foreign veterinary authorities, as well as halal inspection by Islamic authorities.

USAPEEC provides technical services by working to eliminate technical barriers to trade through its representation on the  International Poultry Council, and by working with various international bodies, such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Codex Alimentarius Commission.


There are three general classes of memberships. One is for poultry and egg processors. The second is for trading companies, and the third is for associate members, those companies that don't fit into the other categories, but benefit from increased exports of poultry and eggs. A fourth, separate category of membership is for state and national commodity groups. Several soybean and corn organizations hold this class of membership.

For more information about how to become a member of USAPEEC, contact us at 770-413-0006 or by emailing us at