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Greg Tyler New President and CEO of USAPEEC

Jim Sumner Retiring

VAIL, Colorado - (June 17, 2022) - The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) at its Annual Meeting in Vail, Colo. this week installed Greg Tyler as the council’s President and Chief Executive Officer as of July 1, 2022. He succeeds Jim Sumner who is retiring after 32 years of leading the organization.

Tyler has been with USAPEEC for 25 years, starting as Director of Foreign Market Development and Asian Promotions, then serving as Vice President and Senior Vice President for Marketing before being named Chief Operating Officer in July 2020. In those roles, he has supervised USAPEEC’s international offices and marketing programs implemented in more than 75 countries.

Tyler and Sumner

Holder of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural economics from the University of Georgia, Tyler also serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council (USAEDC), an export-oriented association representing U.S. commodity trade organizations, farmer cooperatives, and state regional trade groups.

“This is both a tremendous honor and a great responsibility,” Tyler said. “USAPEEC has played an invaluable role for decades in developing the international market for U.S. poultry and egg exports and has achieved some great successes. As always, there will be challenges ahead of us, but with the continued support of our members and the hard work of our U.S. staff and our offices around the world I am confident we will continue to fulfill our mission.”

Under Sumner, the percentage of U.S. chicken production that is exported tripled to about 18 percent, and significant gains were made in turkey and egg exports. USAPEEC has grown to 16 international offices on four continents and helped initiate and develop trade with dozens of countries from Mexico to China. It launched the International Poultry Council (IPC), and Sumner helped to found the predecessor organization to the World Poultry Foundation (WPF).

Said Sumner, “I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in my time at USAPEEC and grateful to have worked with so many talented people on the council and throughout our industry. I am confident that under Greg, this organization will continue to open markets and grow poultry and egg exports around the world. We were very fortunate to be able to hire from within our organization to fulfill this important position, a process which was begun several years ago by our executive committee.”

Sumner will continue to serve USAPEEC as a senior advisor, retain his roles with the IPC and the WPF, and act as the industry’s representative to the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) and other groups. 


Founded in 1984, the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) is a non-profit, industry-sponsored trade organization dedicated to increasing exports of U.S. poultry and egg food products in all foreign markets. USAPEEC has a network of 16 representative offices worldwide and operates programs in 75 countries.

The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council does not discriminate in its programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, and marital or family status.