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Online U.S. Turkey Cooking Demonstration

Jun 5 - Sep 30, 2020

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Event Type: Promotion

U.S. Poultry Cooking Video by Celebrity Chef Eric Teo

Celebrity Chef Eric Teo is a well-known TV personality and former President of the Singapore Chefs Association. A recipient of numerous culinary awards, he is actively involved in local and international culinary competitions. He has worked on several culinary and training projects with USAPEEC including cookbooks and cooking demonstrations for homecooks and culinary students.

Chef Teo is currently doing a series of online videos Cooking with U.S. Poultry. The recipes will be posted on his facebook and instagram between June and September 2020. Chef Eric has approximately 55,000 followers in his fanpage.  Please view the 1st cooking video on:

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Chicken, Turkey, Duck
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